Panthers name Montimurro their new softball coach

Mark Montimurro is ready to take the reins as Coral Springs Charter School’s new varsity softball head coach.

Montimurro’s resume impressed Mike Higgins, Charter’s athletic director, who said the recent hiring came without question when interviewing all five hopefuls.

“Mark is a very excited coach. He coaches every pitch and coaches every swing,” Higgins said. “He has some intangibles that can help move our team to the next level, and when I observed his coaching style, I really liked how he interacted with his players.”

As a J.P. Taravella High School alum, Montimurro decided to begin his local coaching career at his alma mater. He coached the Trojans from 1999-2002 before moving on to Hollywood Christian for three seasons. Then, after taking a year hiatus from coaching, he went back to Taravella for several seasons, followed by a year-long return to Hollywood Christian.

Last year, in his second year as University School’s skipper, he took his team to the regional finals. He now turns his attention to the Class 4A Panthers.

“I think this team has the potential to be the best team in the area because of the local dynamics,” said Montimurro, whose career coaching record is 309-89. “I hope to take the next step with this team, sustain it and make it an elite program.”

Montimurro continued his positive thoughts about his newly-appointed position.

“Charter seems to have the right ingredients and can develop with the right mix of kids,” he said.

As head varsity coach, Montimurro’s vision has to be 20/20 in order to accomplish his goals of complete success for Charter softball.

“I’d like to have all of our softball teams on the same page and learning the same way,” Montimurro said. “I don’t just want three separate teams—varsity, junior varsity and middle [school]—I’d like to have a complete softball program.”

Numerous seasons of coaching, which include taking charge of local travel teams, don’t seem to be Montimurro’s only asset for this most recent coaching venture. His personal experience of playing baseball in high school and for various men’s softball teams beef up his credentials.

“I’m familiar with many of the softball programs in the area and I think Charter has a very stable softball situation,” said Montimurro, will get the ball rolling with tryouts shortly after the New Year. “It’s always intriguing to take on a new position.”

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