Parkland library too small, according to study

The city has outgrown its library and can’t accommodate new residents moving in, according to a consultant’s report.

The city’s population is expected to surge by about 10,000 people in the next decade because of new home construction, so officials have to figure out how to keep up.

An addition to the 21,000-square-foot library next to City Hall is “the primary way to get it done, that’s something would help the city in the future so we can maintain a Class A municipal library,” said Mayor Michael Udine. The city would have to find money to pay for an addition.

“The city of Parkland Library is deficient in two key areas,” according to a consultant’s study, which cost the city $10,600. “The city has outgrown the size of the collection and the size of the facility.”

Among the findings from the report:

•There is limited space for books and audiovisual materials.

•Seating is limited, and patrons have to compete with tutors for table and seating space.

•Programming for children, teens and adults is limited to the single meeting room. There is not an adequate space to provide homework assistance or tutoring space to students; the Friends of the Library have limited space to store materials for their book sales.

•The children’s room is not large enough to provide story hour and waiting space for parents with young children who have older siblings participating in programs. Currently, the story hour program and waiting siblings disturb the entire library.

Another library study “to identify options that will enable the city to meet capacity needs” will be released in the spring, said Joe Green, library manager. That study, which will decide how the city makes library fixes, is estimated to cost about $18,000.

The library, funded by the city’s budget, has programs only opened to those with a Parkland library card, available only to residents or students and teachers who attend schools in Parkland.

The library moved to its current location near City Hall in 2003 after being housed for years in a donated double-wide trailer. The library first opened in 1988.

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