Parkland mayor misses point of program

Christine Hunschofsky, vice mayor of Parkland, misunderstands the state’s tax-credit school-choice program. She fears more cuts to public schools if it expands. Actually, the program leaves public schools with more money, but fewer children to spend it on.

As your article notes, vouchers provide up to $4,885 for each child, but the average taxpayer expenditure for public school education is $8,700 per child. That’s a savings of almost $4,000 for every child who gets a full scholarship, and more if the child receives a smaller scholarship.

I can’t really see a downside, except if Hunschofsky is implying that local school districts are such poor managers of money that they can’t keep their buildings in as good repair as private schools using much more taxpayer resources.

Joy Pullmann, Heartland Institute, Chicago, Ill.

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