Parkland pushes for traffic signal at busy intersection

A busy intersection without any traffic lights in the heart of the city is causing plenty of concern for Parkland residents and officials.

At a recent meeting, the City Commission decided to set aside $35,000 from the city’s reserves to fund the design of a traffic signal at the intersection of Nob Hill Road and Heron Bay Boulevard. It is the county’s responsibility to install the traffic light, but county staff insist that the traffic count at the intersection does not meet the minimum required for a signal.

Gary Rosner, a resident of Sawgrass Bay in Heron Bay, wanted the city to continue pressing the county for a traffic signal at the intersection. “Accidents have happened in the area,” he said. “I have observed several near misses. There is no ‘stop’ sign. It is basically a free for all. It is an accident waiting to happen. Something needs to be done.”

City Manager Caryn Gardner Young said that the city was in touch with both the school board and the county on the issue. The city had asked the county to consider a four-way stop at the intersection. The school board had initially turned down a request to extend the school zone to cover the intersection, but the city would continue to take up the issue, she added.

“Our hands our tied in many respects,” Gardner-Young said. “We are going to keep representing the residents. It is without the control of the city. What we can do, we are doing.”

The county allows traffic signals at an intersection only if the traffic in the area meets requirements, Mayor Michael Udine said. He spoke about the city having to wait for years before it was able to get the county to install a traffic signal at the intersection near Park Trails School.

Traffic numbers will dictate the county’s decision, but the city is hoping that it can at least expedite the process by spending its own money. “We are responsible for the design of the traffic signal,” Udine said. “We could expedite that. We could start the design of it and push them to release the money and let us build the light sooner.

“We are not guaranteeing that this is going to get done,” Udine added. “We are going to start the process. When we have the design, there are some other options if the county won’t come forward quick enough.”

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